Carriage Bolts 

Gilbert Laurence Roofing Bolt
Carriage bolts are commonly used to secure one object within or against another object. Normally used in conjection with a hexagon nut. 

  • A carriage bolts lenght is measured from under the head.
  • Thread size can be determined by measureing the diameter of the thread.
  • Domed head - With no drive.
  • Sometimes called 'Cup Sqaure Hex Bolt' This refers to the cup shaped head, the small sqaure shape shank directly under the head and finally the hexagon nut the bolts are often used with.
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Available in all standard metric and unified threads - Standard thread charts can be found here
Self Colour 
Stainless A2-A4
​Olive Green
Available in all standard metric and imprials sizes - Standard sizecharts can be found here

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