Film & TV

We are the complete supply solution for the Film & TV industry, supplying a vast range of fasteners, Tools and consumables to landscape creation, set builders, props, plasterers, electricians, set dressing and special effects.

We offer many types of stock systems for this industry, including VMI (vendor managed inventory) SMI (Supplier managed inventory and CSP (continual supply program) these formats are individually designed for the requirements of the customer. With daily deliveries to Studios & set locations.

We have been extremely privileged to have worked in partnership with many companies and individuals for over 25 years, helping to produce some of the most impressive sets and props ever created.

Please send all Film & T.V enquires to Matthew James - [email protected] 
Sets as illustrated below: Courtesy of Jon Marson, Peter Hooper & Justin Richards at  The Greens Team

Film & TV Supplies 

Below are some of the main product lines we can offer - Please enquire if you need something that's not listed.

 Abrasives & Cutting​​

•Metal/Stone Cutting Discs
•Diamond Tipped Blades
•Wood/Metal Saber Saw Blades
•Sand Paper
•Stik It Pads
•Trend Router Cutters
•Ro-Lok Mini Sanding Discs
•Sanding Discs
•3M Sanding Sponges
•Wood/Metal Jigsaw Blades

Nails & Pins

•Round Wire Nails
•Headless Pins
Framing Nails
•Panel Pins
•Clout Nails

•PVC Tape
•Gaffer Tape
•Parcel Tape
•Masking Tape
•Camera Tape
•Matt Gaffer Tape
•Jointing Tape

 Catering Consumables​​

•Yorkshire Tea
•Nescafé Gold Blend Coffee
•Paper/Poly Cups

 Adhesives & Paints

•Spray Paint
•Emulsion Paint
•Wood Stainer
•Floor Paint
•Contact Adhesive
•PVA Glue
•Wood Glue
•Gorilla Glue
•Super Glue & Activator
•Polystyrene Friendly Contact Adhesive
 Tools & Supplies​​

•A Full Range of Hand Tools
•Airline Tools
•Senco Nailer's & Staple Guns
•Janitorial Supplies
•Brooms & brushes
•Paint Brushes & Rollers
•Cleaning Supplies
•Ratchet Straps & Tie Downs
•Garden Tools
•Ton Bags, Bin Bags & Rubble Sacks
•Power Tools
•Polythene Sheeting
​•Tarpulins/Ground Sheets 
 PPE & Workwear

•Hi Vis Clothing
•Face/Dust Masks
•Fall Arrest Harnesses
•Eye Protection
•First Aid Kits
•Knee Pads
•Hearing Protection
•General Workwear 
•First Aid Supplies 


•Chipboard Screw
•Black Jap Screws
•Slotted Head Woods
•Twin Thread Wood screws
•Timber Fix Decking Screw
•Self Drill Screws
•Self Tapping Screws
•Drywall Screws

 Nuts & Bolts​​

•Hex Bolts
•Socket Headed Fasteners
•Locking Nuts
•Construction Fixings
•Hex Head Coach Screws
•Roofing Bolts 
​•Security Fasteners 

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