Hexagon Set Screws

Gilbert Laurence hex set screw
Hexagon head set screws are commonly used to secure one object within or against another object. Commonly used in conjuction with a full nut.​

  • Spanner size can be determined by measuring the across flats of the head
  • A hexagan set screw lenght is measured from under the head
  • Thread size can be determined by measureing the diameter of the thread
  • The Strenght of a hexagon set screw can vary depending on the grade - Strenght charts for metic threaded hexagon set screws can be found here


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Finish & Material


Available in all standard metric and unified threads - Standard thread charts can be found here
Self Colour 
Black Zinc
Stainless A2-A4
Steel 8.8-10.9-12.9
Available in all standard metric and imprials sizes - Standard sizecharts can be found here

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