Our Services Help You To Accomplish Your Mission 

We have established many UK and worldwide partnerships by bringing together experience, knowledge and innovation. Providing customers with the highest quality goods and services.

We are totally committed to the continuous enhancement of our operations, coupled with our perpetual desire to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.

Product Range & Stock 


Our extensive stocks and exceptional range of fixings, fastenings and associated products are virtually unsurpassed, supported by our excellent transportation structure.
Our team of highly experienced technical sales personnel consult from design to inception. Understanding your business, Operations and requirements. Assisting in a mutually beneficial growth and success program.

Multiple Product Combinations

Integrated Stock Control Systems

Should you require (MPC) multiple product combinations, managed Kitting services
are available minimising your inventory and storage costs. Achieved by producing
and storing products prior to allocation at your warehouse. Various kitting solutions are available including blister packs, boxes, plastic bags or bespoke packaging.

Offering various levels of stock systems from principle kan-ban, JIT to Vendor managed inventory. We appraise your requirements and assist in the management of your fasteners, fixings & industrial supplies.

Free Online Instant Messageing & Consulting Services 

We offer a totally free online instant messaging service that free for everyone to use. The world of fastenings & fixings can somtimes be tricky to navigate, so why waste time trawlling the internet or referance books for the answer when you can recvive an answer from us instantly.
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